• Be part of a growing list of employers to sign our letter to Government.

    The letter asks the Government to act now to make Diversity & Inclusion a priority for all businesses.

  • Showcase your commitment to equality by signing up to our Equality Pledge

    Our ‘Move to Equality’ Pledge is a call to everyone within a business to lead the drive to create equal opportunities for all young people.

  • D & I consultancy and training. Working with organisations to move to equality internally, and utilise their influence and resources to help society to do the same.
  • Our Equality Champions are individuals committed to moving the nation to Economic Equality.
    We provide guidance and a framework to assist individuals to create change within their organisations.
    This initiative is designed to harness the collective voices of the nation to make equality a reality and not just an idea.


  • We take the time to understand your talent needs and create a programme that attracts the right candidates to apply to your opportunities.
    We use a methodology that creates fairness in the application process while not sacrificing competence and skills sets. We put in additional efforts to ensure that candidates start from an equal playing field by providing information sessions, guidance and a dedicated line and email for support. This ensures that in terms of knowledge, candidates are the same and allows talent to be shown.
  • D & I consultancy and training. Working with organisations to move to equality internally and utilise their influence and resources to help society to do the same.
    Our lead consultants include world renowned thought leaders on diversity & inclusion and have been leads or department heads in the following departments: Social Mobility, Diversity & Inclusion, Early Careers, Citizenship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Partnerships
  • We have partnered with the Wild Life Trust and SOS-UK, an educational charity created by students and staff at the National Union of Students. The partnership aims to create a minimum of 35 jobs and 100 trustee roles in environmental charities for BAME candidates to make charities more inclusive and diverse workplaces. We believe this can easily rise to 100 jobs, giving their network of sustainability charities that they know and the fact that we will be able to utilise the government’s traineeship programme. 
    Currently, governments are pushing for a “Green Revolution” and increasing awareness of race relations, this would be an ideal project for a funder who would like to show immediate impact with not a massive investment. 


  • Events where we bring highly capable young individuals to listen to speakers who inspire them and teach them how to navigate, how to get employed and succeed in their career
    The benefits to you as a participating employer are:
    Give an insight to prospective employees to help build your talent pipeline
    Expand your talent attraction reach amongst a diverse qualified talent pool
    Show that you stand for equality
  • We run the attraction campaign, filter candidates, select attendees that meet your business needs. We will make sure that the agreed number of candidates attend. The format of the day can be co-designed, designed entirely by us or entirely by you. Benefits to you as a participating employer are:

    Build a qualified BAME and low social economic talent pool
    It will save your business time and effort in building a database of prospective qualified candidates

  • We are part of a three party consortium engaged to get young Londoners aged 18-21 back into education/employment.
  • The student fellowship is designed to support students from less privileged backgrounds to get into industry.
    Consisting of mentoring, workshops, virtual careers library, job search workshop, notifications on roles and much more. We strive to level the playing field in our dream hunters pursuit of a career.


  • We equip your employees with mentoring skills through partnering them with one of our dream hunters on a 6-month mentoring programme.

    The selected dream hunters will benefit from workshops and training from Generation Success.

  • Speed Mentoring can be done in as little as 1 hour and can be conducted by a minimum of one member of staff. Your colleagues will spend a short time mentoring attendees on career-related issues. The day is flexible and can take on any format – one to one or up to one mentor to 10 mentees.

    Speed mentoring is a great way to introduce skills-based volunteering to staff as it presents your colleagues to mentoring, providing a safe and non-committal way of exploring and developing their mentoring skills. It will leave them inspired and more socially and culturally aware, making them more inclusive team members

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